SCL South Bay Committee Active members may sponsor new members annually. Applications are due March 1st of each year.  Contact Joyce Komatsu at for more information.

ATTEND meetings regularly...
  • Active/Provisional – at least 8 per year,  notify Hospitality Chair for absence
  • Professional – at least 2 per year,  notify Hospitality Chair when attending  
  • Arrive promptly at 10:30
FULFILL financial obligations... 
  • Annual dues (Active/Provisional $50, Professional $75) plus $25 Installation Luncheon in June
  • Benefit ticket - $95 and Opportunity tickets - $75 
SUPPORT our Annual Benefit...
  • Attend and provide a guest list
  • Secure donation item(s) worth at least $100 
  • Active/Provisional - Work at least one job prior to and at least one job at the Benefit
  • Professional - Work at least one job prior or one job at the Benefit
  • Assist with food and/or craft making work parties
SERVE on the Hospitality Committee as scheduled...
  • Host or co-host one meeting (Active/Provisional, Professional Optional)
VISIT a UCP facility as part of our annual off-site meeting 

PARTICIPATE conscientiously in any position accepted

JOIN as a supporting member…
  • Associate – Annual dues of $100, must have been an Active member for at least 3 years
  • Patroness – Annual dues of $200
  • Associates and Patroness members are welcome to attend all meeting and social events
Conducting SCL business in the gorgeous setting of the Kroha home

A yearly ritual...making SCL's famous mustard!