SCL Virtual Benefit FAQs

  1. What is the SCL Virtual Benefit?
    • Online auction – Opens November 13th at 8am and closes November 22nd starting at 9pm
    • Boutique shopping – November 13 at 8am -November 22nd at 9pm
    • Virtual Event – Friday, November 20th at 11:00 - 11:30am 
  1. How do I participate in the virtual event?
    • Participation is FREE!
    • Just before 11am on November 20th, go to
    • Click on the “Watch Now” button

  1. Why, when and how do I pre-register?
    • Why: We request that you pre-register so we know that you are coming and to facilitate online bidding and donations
    • When: Anytime! Ideally, prior to November 13th when our online auction opens
    • How:  Click here to Register
      • Click on the "Get Started" button to begin the registration, and follow the prompts.

    1. What will the 30 minute program include?
      • Welcome by Julie Paterson, President, SCL South Bay Committee
      • Guest speaker – Jessica Patay, We are Brave Together
      • Highlights of the programs we support 
      • Opportunity Drawing 
      • Thank you by Benefit co-chairs - Paula Boothe, Suzanne Durnell and Kristin Kudrave

    1. How do I participate in the online auction?
      • Must be registered - Click here to Register
      • Click here to participate 
        • Bidding opens November 13th at 8am and closes November 22nd  starting at 9pm 
        • Closing starting at 9pm is by category in alphabetical order in 3 minute increments, with the wine category split in half
        • Please note the closing time of your items you're interested in
      • Note: No shipping. Items pick-up will be on Tuesday, November 24th between 9am and 12pm in Rolling Hills Estates. 

    1. What is the SCL Boutique and how do I shop 'til I drop?
      • 15 fabulous vendors with an outstanding array of jewelry, gifts, clothing, foods, handbags, bedding & linen, stationery, flowers, and more!
      • Click here
        • Shopping is open November 13th at 8am through November 22nd at 9pm
      • Please enter code SCL20 at check-out for SCL to receive 20%

    1. How else can I support SCL?
      • Donate to our “Flash Giving” before, during, or after our Virtual Event
        **Reminder…you must be registered to donate to our “Flash Giving”

    It is due to the support of those who sponsor and donate that allows Special Children's League to continue to thrive and make a difference in the lives of children and adults with special needs.