Our Mission

The mission of Special Children’s League, South Bay Committee is to 

support, educate and reach out to our community regarding the needs 

of individuals with developmental disabilities including cerebral palsy and autism.


Our goal is to lift the lives and spirits of those affected, through education 

in the local community and as a team member of Momentum.

Our History

Special Children’s League (SCL), South Bay Committee began in 1957 with a small group of women who came together to support a friend whose child had cerebral palsy. Today our active membership of nearly forty includes several moms of children with special needs. SCL is a committed group of women united by our desire to help others.

SCL is proud to have many long-standing traditions. The original SCL “bazaars”, as they were called, featured members’ handmade crafts and goods. We continue this tradition with our signature SCL mustard sauce and olallieberry jam, along with other homemade products.

Established as an auxiliary group of Momentum (formerly United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles), Special Children’s League, Inc. includes our South Bay Committee, Whittier Committee, and Foothill Committee, and also shares a liaison with Psi Delta Sigma, Inc. Our partnership with Momentum has remained steadfast for over 60 years. We are also pleased to support a variety of organizations in our local community. Click here to see the programs SCL supports.

It is due to the generous support of those who attend our annual benefit, make donations and are sponsors that allows Special Children’s League to continue to thrive and make a difference in the lives of children and adults with special needs.

Our Executive Board

Suzan Fairchild - President

 Joyce Komatsu - Vice President (Ways and Means)

Jill Weisinger - Treasurer

Clauda Levin - Communications Secretary

Julie Nelson - Financial Secretary

Cheryl Bozajian - Hospitality

Julie Paterson - Membership

Merin Dahlerbruch - Public Relations/Historian

Pat Skelton - Recording Secretary

Jennifer King - Parliamentarian  

Paula Boothe - Advisor


Our Committee Chairs

Michele Dahlerbruch & Mary Lynn Webster - Fall Benefit Co-Chairs

Laurie Bucher - Coordinating Council

Marlen Sanchez - Education Grants Chair 

Karen Hunt - Philanthropy Chair

Linda Igo - Provisional Chair

Helen Hitzel - Spring Boutique Chair

Barb Dancy - Technology Chair   

Our Past Presidents

Mrs. Charles H. Holmes - 1957-1959

Mrs. Hal W. Gregory - 1959-1960

Mrs. Charles J. J. Cox - 1960-1961

Mrs. Gerald S. Honey - 1961-1962

Mrs. J. Terry Siler - 1962-1963

Mrs. Joseph J. Ventura - 1963-1964

Mrs. Charles J. J. Cox - 1964-1965

Mrs. James W. Lafferty - 1965-1966

Mrs. Gerald S. Honey - 1966-1968

Mrs. Rickard G. Bredesen - 1968-1970

Mrs. Thomas A. Spear - 1970-1972

Mrs. Lawrence A. Bayer - 1972-1974

Mrs. Park Densmore - 1974-1976

Mrs. Jack D. Cox - 1976-1978

Mrs. John L. McCoy - 1978-1980

Mrs. Jack D. Cox - 1980-1981

Mrs. Joseph Schuchert - 1981-1983

Mrs. William E. Denny - 1983-1984

Mrs. James L. Saunders - 1984-1986

Mrs. Joseph Schuchert - 1986-1988

Mrs. John McCoy - 1988-1989

Mrs. Dale Yates - 1989-1991

Mrs. William Mahan - 1991-1992

Mrs. William B. Hill - 1992-1993

Mrs. Park Densmore - 1993-1995

Mrs. William Sellers - 1995-1996

Mrs. Joseph Schuchert - 1996-1998

Mrs. John Merlo - 1998-1999

Mrs. James E. McBride - 1999-2001

Mrs. Terrance Fredricks - 2001-2003

Mrs. Donald Curtin -  2003-2005

Laura Priest -  2005-2006

Janice Farran - 2006-2008

Nancy McBride - 2008-2009

Linda Igo - 2009-2011

Ann Cooper - 2011-2012

Mary Curtin - 2012-2014

Janice Robinson - 2014-2016  

Joyce Komatsu - 2016-2018

  Michele Dahlerbruch - 2018-2020

 Julie Paterson - 2020-2022

Paula Boothe - 2022-2024